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Training and Education


Training Center

Here at NDP EMS, you can get the training you need. Whether you need to obtain CPR certification for a role as a camp counselor, lifeguard or some other position -  or you’re seeking professional development opportunities for your career as a Paramedic or EMT, we’ve got an energetic team of expert instructors ready to train and empower. 


Our Training Center can accommodate up to 50 students, and has the audio/visual technology for engaging presentations. We schedule programs to meet a wide range of community needs - so take a look at our course calendar to see what works well for you.

In addition to hosting classes in our bright, open training center at our Rhinebeck headquarters, we can also bring training programs right to your location! We have long partnered with the following to make these trainings readily available:

  • Schools

  • Civic Organizations

  • Hospitals

  • Daycare Centers

  • Colleges

  • Businesses


If you are unable to find a course to meet your needs or the needs of your organization please contact us, we are happy to help! Call (845) 876-0448 to register or inquire about upcoming classes.

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NDP's Ambulance Tour

​Here’s something else that we think is pretty special. If you’d like for your group to learn first-hand about the equipment and services that are available on an ambulance, we can bring one right to your school, organization, or event. We’ll give tours of the ambulance to participants, and our providers will be on-hand to provide an education about the role of EMS in the community and within our nation’s healthcare system.

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