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Meet Our Team

Inspired by a Commitment to Excellence

Our leadership team at NDP EMS leads with vision, integrity, and heart.

We are ever focused on making the investments necessary to best serve our patients, team members, and the entire community. 

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Our Story

Our executive team is dynamic, intelligent, devoted, and community-minded - setting an example for all of us at NDP.


Edward Murray, EMT-P

Chief Executive Officer, NDP EMS

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Edward (“Ed”) was raised in Wantagh, then moved to Manhattan for a 10-year career in Advertising. By 1988, he felt compelled to leave the city, so made his way 90 miles north to bucolic Rhinebeck. Driven by a desire to serve his community, Ed joined the Rhinebeck Fire Department Rescue Squad as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and began learning the ropes on all things EMS.Ed quickly enrolled as a student of Dutchess Community College’s Paramedic School, where he ended up giving birth to an idea for a company that could provide full-service medical transportation in the Mid-Hudson Valley (and eventually, nearby Connecticut as well).

Thus, Northern Dutchess Paramedics (NDP EMS) was born. The company was incorporated in July of 1994, and on October 25, 1995, Ed fully launched and began operations. 


A natural people person who clearly enjoys his life’s work, Ed has since earned all kinds of recognition for his service, and has also volunteered in many leadership capacities. Among his accomplishments:


  • Harriet C. Weber EMS Leadership Award, 2004

  • President, Dutchess County EMS Council for 12 years

  • Secretary, Hudson Valley Regional EMS Council for 12 years

  • Agency of the Year, 2005 (NDP EMS)

  • Honoree: Starlight Ball, 2018 (NDP EMS)

  • Numerous Life Saving Awards

  • Certificate of Commendation from Gov. George Pataki on the 5-year Anniversary of 9/11


In his free time, Ed has been pursuing a newfound passion for fly-fishing, taking lessons regularly. He also enjoys attending sporting events, with one favorite being those held at the Track at Saratoga in the summer months. 


And here’s a fun fact about our CEO at NDP: He has a lifelong obsession with the New York Giants, so he used their blue and red color scheme when designing the NDP brand! 


Ed says of his work: “What I enjoy most about coming to NDP everyday is the fact that I get to work alongside very bright and talented people who genuinely love what they do.”

Meet The Team

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Mark Browne, Paramedic

President and Chief Operating Officer, NDP EMS

A lifelong Rhinebeck resident, NDP’s President Mark Browne graduated from Rhinebeck High School and Hudson Valley Community College. Since beginning his career with us in August of 1996, Mark has always been known and respected for his steady leadership, kindness, and loyalty. The certified Paramedic really appreciates being part of a company that marries sophistication with quintessential small-town America: “What I most enjoy about working at NDP is providing service and care to my hometown. Our company is small enough to be family-oriented - we know every employee by name - but it’s also large enough to meet the growing needs of our communities.”


In his free time, Mark enjoys spending time with his family - and especially treasures the adventures he and his son experience when they travel around the country by train.


Here’s a fun fact about Mark Browne: he is an Eagle Scout (Class of 1991), the highest rank that can be achieved through Boy Scouts of America (only 8% earn this designation, according to the BSA). This of course doesn’t come as too much of a surprise - after all, Mark embodies the perseverance, bravery, courteousness, motivation, and all of the other traits that made him a stand-out Scout and make him the stand-out Paramedic with whom we have the privilege of working every day.

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Sandi Christensen

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, NDP EMS

Like most of our leadership team, NDP’s Vice President Sandi Christensen is a longtime Hudson Valley local. After graduating from Hudson High School in Columbia County, Sandi obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Russell Sage College. In April of 2000, she joined NDP EMS, where her business savvy and expertise in healthcare - along with her gentle spirit and authenticity - have helped promote the kind of positive workplace environment that has led to tremendous success for the company. “What I love most about working at NDP EMS is that we are here to help our neighbors and community. I also treasure the fact that we have maintained a small family-like feel where we all know one another by name, even in the context of tremendous growth as an organization.”


In her free time, Sandi enjoys spending time with her family; in fact, she and her husband raised their children while she was building her career at NDP EMS. Sandi has also started teaching herself how to cook. And, when she’s not exploring new recipes, she enjoys antiquing and attending craft fairs.


Here’s another fun fact about our Vice President: Sandi has four rescue puppies for whom she has provided a “forever home”! She says she cherishes her time with them, particularly on their long walks together. Sandi has a heart of gold, which will make you feel at home in her presence.

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Bruce Heath

Director of Human Resources, NDP EMS

Bruce Heath, our Director of Human Resources at NDP EMS, grew up in nearby Berkshire County, Massachusetts. After graduating from high school in Lee, he earned an Associates Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Springfield Technical Community College before completing a Bachelors in Mass Communications and Broadcast Journalism at Emerson College and becoming a reporter. When he was assigned to report on a tour bus accident along a Boston area highway, he found himself on the scene amid many emergency vehicles and injured people - an experience which inspired a new career path in emergency medical services. Bruce pursued certification as a paramedic, and ultimately landed at NDP EMS in 2003. He has since shifted to the role in Human Resources, and says: “I love the fact that on a daily basis I get to interact with people, help them navigate tough situations, and find opportunities to praise them for their dedication. Everyone on our leadership team has been on the calls ourselves, as we are all paramedics - so we understand what our team endures every day and it’s really rewarding to be able to connect with them in that way.”


In his free time, Bruce and his wife work on maintaining an Airbnb cabin that they own. He loves the great outdoors - so whether they’re doing yardwork and landscaping or biking and hiking, he finds it all relaxing and restorative.


And here’s a fun fact about Bruce: when he started in journalism, he was told that his last name was tough to pronounce. Producers asked what his middle name was, and when he said Clark, they said perfect - you’ll be “Bruce Clark” on air. Bruce Heath (aka Bruce Clark) has spent all phases of his career working with a sense of urgency, around the clock, to help people; we’re grateful to have him on our team.

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Ken Martin

Assistant Director of Operations, NDP EMS

Ken Martin, Assistant Director of Operations at NDP EMS, grew up just minutes from our headquarters location in Northern Dutchess County. As a teenager, Ken was already demonstrating a spirit of service when he signed up to volunteer at Hillside Fire Department. Upon graduation from Rhinebeck High School (Class of 1995), he went on to obtain certification first as an EMT (through Dutchess Community College) and then as a Paramedic through SUNY Ulster. Since starting with NDP EMS in 1998, Ken’s unmatched work ethic and desire to help others has come to life on a daily basis. He is known for humbly extending expertise that supports organizational growth while always willingly responding to the direct needs of the communities we serve. “I enjoy this line of work because every day is different; there is always a new challenge and a new opportunity; you never know what will happen from minute to minute, and it keeps everything interesting and exciting,” Ken said of his work.


When he has free time, the former landscaping business owner and former member of Windham’s Ski Patrol cycles great distances in recognition of fallen EMS providers with the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride, as well as the Canadian Paramedic Ride. He has ridden from Augusta Maine to Philadelphia PA, Reno NV to San Francisco CA, Boston MA to Washington DC (6 times), Toronto to Ottawa (twice), and Ottawa to Washington DC (by way of Montreal and Boston in just 12 days).


And here’s a fun fact about Ken Martin: In 2016, when he bicycled 1056 miles over 12 days as Co-Founder of the Heroes are Human Capital-to-Capital ride (designed to raise awareness about the mental health needs of first responders), he was designated an honorary citizen of Ottawa. Ken’s devotion to the cause, and to all that he does, has inspired countless people along the way, including all of us at NDP EMS.

Field Supervisors

Andrea Downs, Paramedic

Field Supervisor

Mary McGhee, Paramedic

Field Supervisor

Andrew Schlageter, Paramedic

Field Supervisor

Rich Smith, Paramedic

Field Supervisor

Cristi Stelmach, EMT

Scheduling Supervisor

Justin Yerry, Paramedic

Field Supervisor

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