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NDP EMS OPENS EMT TRAINING REGISTRATION FOR ASPIRING EMTS OF ALL AGES AND CAREER STAGES, INCLUDING HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE-AGE STUDENTS NDP EMS announced today that it has opened registration for its 2023-24 EMT training. The training, which will take place at Bard College, will start on Wednesday, September 20th and will take place most weeks on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-9:30pm and some Saturdays from 8-11:30am, through February, 2024. Upon passing the to-be-scheduled practical exam and completing the course with NDP EMS, students will be eligible to sit for the New York State written exam and, upon passing that exam as well, will gain designation as a certified EMT in New York State, eligible to work in that role immediately. “We are always excited to meet a new group of aspiring EMTs, and to support their professional development and goals. Many of our trainees will go on to work with us at NDP EMS, whether on a per diem, part-time, or full-time basis. And of course this course does have a ‘refresher’ component as well for those people already in our field who need recertification,” said Mark Browne, Paramedic, President and Chief Operating Officer at NDP EMS. Added Cheryl Hilbrandt, EMT, who coordinates all training and education at NDP EMS, along with serving as an instructor for the EMT training program: “We offer a robust curriculum and deliver the material in a way that is interactive so that trainees feel confident as they set out to being their careers. I look forward to meeting this next cohort, and encourage anyone who has ever considered a path as a first responder to register for this program. The work is deeply rewarding, and our communities desperately need first responders who want to make a difference.” The cost of the NDP EMS EMT training program is $800 per person ($335 for refresher class) - plus textbook and online testing fees; Hilbrandt noted that New York State covers those fees for registrants who are sponsored by a New York State certified EMS agency. “And just two weeks prior to the EMT training start date, NDP EMS will be hosting a career open house event - on Tuesday, September 12th from 6-8pm at our Rhinebeck headquarters (3 Hook Road). The career open house is a great way to learn more about this line of work. Anyone who is curious about this field or wants to explore our gap year opportunities should pop over even if just for a few minutes,” said Hilbrandt. Said Ed Murray, CEO of NDP EMS, “This will be the second time we host a career open house event - it’s a great way for attendees to meet and talk with some of our dedicated professionals, and to learn more about how to build a career in this field. We’ll offer some demonstrations and tours as well that evening. While we welcome people at every age and stage of life, I do want to also point out that our gap year opportunity is especially ideal for graduating high school students and new grads who aren’t sure what might be next. And - for all attendees of the open house event - please note that you can sign up for the EMT training program on the spot that evening. We’ll be ready for you!” Pre-registration for the EMT training program is required, and space is limited. For more information about the EMT Training and/or NDP’s Career Open House event, call Cheryl Hilbrandt at NDP EMS: 845.876.0448 X136 or email:


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