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Help Someone Win the Game of Life: CPR Classes at NDP EMS - An Interview with Cheryl Hillbrandt, EMT

When Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field during a game earlier this year, the people who could help were those who had been properly trained in CPR. Although cardiac arrest could have taken this young life, CPR was administered quickly enough to support his body through the medical trauma and ultimately, allowed him to survive.

It has been widely reported that in the moments when the football star first woke up, Damar asked doctors who won that particular game - to which they were said to have responded, “You did. You won the game of life.”

All of us have the capacity to help friends, family members, neighbors, and total strangers win at the game of life too should we ever find ourselves in that situation. But we need training to do so - and NDP EMS offers classes year-round!

We asked Cheryl Hilbrandt, EMT to shed light on what prospective CPR Class participants might want to know about the opportunities at NDP EMS. Here’s more:

Cheryl, the recent Damar Hamlin incident prompted a bit of a movement when it comes to CPR education. Can you comment on that, and the power we all have to be helpful to someone in that situation?

Yes...that incident certainly reminded people that we all have the power to get ourselves educated and trained so that we can jump in, if and when someone in our presence needs CPR. Of course, many people are required to get this training if they work in a healthcare setting or want to be employed at a camp or pool this summer. But there are definitely others who are now paying closer attention to these classes too - especially senior citizens. We have actually taught several hands-only CPR classes for seniors.

Tell us more about the CPR class options and what we can expect.

Each course is just one session, so the commitment is minimal but the impact is so significant!

BLS (Basic Life Support) is held on the 1st Friday of each month at 9am and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6pm. Pre-registration is required. We need a minimum of 3 people to hold a class.

Heartsaver CPR AED/First Aid, which is required for summer camp counselors and lifeguards, is offered only on-demand and requires advance notice (pre-registration required). We need 3 registrants to run this class. There is no exam, just a skill performance assessment.

Heartsaver CPR AED class (NO First Aid component); this course is ideal for someone who would like to learn lifesaving skills but who does not need First Aid certification. Pre-registration required.

Our Friends & Family/Hands-Only CPR class is offered specifically for someone who doesn't need certification for a job or profession. Again, it is offered on demand (pre-registration required). This is a good class for seniors, new mothers, and people who are involved in clubs. This is a great option for libraries and senior groups to build knowledge among their communities - and we really love working with groups to ensure that they have this skill set!

The courses offered at NDP EMS give participants a good feeling that they are trained to help someone if needed. Our classes are relaxed with lots of practice for success. Anyone ages 10-100 can do it!

Help someone win the ‘game of life’ by signing up today.

To register for the NDP EMS CPR classes or to explore the possibility of offering a class to your group, please call or email Cheryl Hilbrandt, EMT, Training & Education at NDP EMS: 845.876.0448 X136 or email:


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